Yoga 11

Yoga _ Outline2012

Welcome to Yoga 11! My name is Ms.Walker and I am thrilled to have the chance to share my love and appreciation for the benefits of yoga with you here at C.P. Allen.  I am a graduate of the Breathing Space 200 hour teacher training program and I have been practicing yoga on and off since  about 1995 and more regularly since 2010.    I  hold the knowledge, skills and attitudes my yoga practice has taught me to be some of the most important lessons of my life.  I hope   you find aspects of Yoga 11 to do the same for you.  So get ready for the challenge of becoming a better version of yourself.

In Yoga 11 you will be asked to move, write, talk and behave in ways that nurture  the overall wellness and  happiness of  YOU! By participating in a physical practice most days,  spending time learning about the tradition and history of yoga and talking with peers,  you will have an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of self awareness and the power  kindness to self and others has to make daily  life better.

I ask that you keep an open mind and  a positive attitude as we move throughout the course. It is my hope that by the end of June, some aspects of yoga will forever become a part of your personal wellness life practices.  Namaste! Ms.Walker


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