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Memoir: Exploring your writer’s voice through personal story

Prewriting and Drafting:
Step 1 and 2- Writing Steps Organizer


Your next assignment is to write a memoir of no less than 600 words that explores the significance of a key person/event/moment. Here is a great sample from TEEN INK Magazine. There is a lot to be learned from this young writer.



Important Dates:
– Memoir Draft and Pre writing evidence due Thursday.



Here are the steps to take to complete your entry:

1)Define the Phrase: Writing the Senses

2)Write out sensory rich, longer passage in the middle of a page. ( minimum six sentences.) Leave lots of rooms in the margin for detailed annotations.

3)Annotate the passage. Use   sample to guide you. A minimum of four annotations required. Comment on the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) the author is using to craft the sensory experience for the reader. Here is a link to the page I showed you today about PARTS OF SPEECH.

4) Explain the effect this SENSORY Writing has on you, the reader and on your understanding of the novel as  a whole. (For example, the passage you selected might help you understand something about a character, the atmosphere in the story or even conflict. Be as specific as you can in your discussion.)


    All five entries must be done by MONDAY or you will be signed up for ARR until they are.

MIDPOINT EVALUATION on April 4th. We will complete one more entry next week.