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Intermediate Yoga Practice

Beautiful MORNING workout we completed today. Filmed in Costa Rica!


March 27th- Yoga Updates and Due Date Reminders

  • Practical quiz rescheduled for Monday.Submit report by email or on paper at that time. 
  • We will do a full practice Friday in the Community Centre Studio.
  • Reminder: Pranayama Assignment due today by email or tomorrow in class. 

***I will accept the assignment by email at or on paper. 

The Week Ahead: March 24- 28

Reminder: Pranayama Assignment Due Thursday

Click below for a look at the upcoming week. You can see where we will be and what to expect.
Yoga 11 WALKER_ MArch 24- 28

In Class Work- Tuesday
Target: By the end of the class you will have:
– Selected your four Standing Poses
– Prepare the following written report. For each of your standing postures, you are required to give the English and Sanskrit names as well as the following information for each:
• benefits of practicing this pose
• contraindications
• The muscle groups that are strengthened or stretched in this pose
• At least one therapeutic applications (More if there are others.)
Note: A fabulous resource is

– Watched the following TED TALK on Meditation

Friday’s Practical Quiz Practical Quiz 1 Rubric (Sun Salutation & Standing postures)


Yoga 11- This post got me thinking about The Peaceful Warrior. Dan had to open up to receive the lessons of Socrates. In this blog the author,Siri, and the man she met had to open up to receive the inspiration of their conversation. Ask yourself: Are you open to receive the gifts others have to offer? Or are you too often so inside your own head that you would miss these chance encounters that could bring inspiration? Enjoy the blog.


I’m not even entirely sure how these sorts of things happen, but on my way to Bruges, Belgium via train, I sat down next to a man and somehow became involved in a philosophical discussion on artificial intelligence and the essence of humanity in what felt like a matter of seconds.  This complete stranger and I bonded over the consistent feelings of loneliness in life, paired with the profound quest for connectivity and the ways in which technology might simultaneously facilitate and diminish our experiences with each other and with ourselves.

Absolutely no idea how we started talking about all of this. It felt like I was all of a sudden plopped down into an ongoing conversation with an old friend. There’s something nice about getting into this kind of discussion with a stranger. You don’t have an image to uphold or expectations to fulfill. You can say “I don’t…

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