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Here are the steps to take to complete your entry:

1)Define the Phrase: Writing the Senses

2)Write out sensory rich, longer passage in the middle of a page. ( minimum six sentences.) Leave lots of rooms in the margin for detailed annotations.

3)Annotate the passage. Use   sample to guide you. A minimum of four annotations required. Comment on the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) the author is using to craft the sensory experience for the reader. Here is a link to the page I showed you today about PARTS OF SPEECH.

4) Explain the effect this SENSORY Writing has on you, the reader and on your understanding of the novel as  a whole. (For example, the passage you selected might help you understand something about a character, the atmosphere in the story or even conflict. Be as specific as you can in your discussion.)


    All five entries must be done by MONDAY or you will be signed up for ARR until they are.

MIDPOINT EVALUATION on April 4th. We will complete one more entry next week.


Eng 10 SNOW DAYS- Updates and Due Date Reminders

Two March snow days in a row ….wow! Given this loss of class time, I have made a few changes to my planning. Here is what you need to know:
1) Metaphor_independent novel is still due on Friday. We will read, as usual, and develop an entry on the topic of Appreciating Sensory Writing.
STEPS to Complete the Entry
1. Define the term metaphor.
2. Write out the anchor passage containing the metaphor (4-6 lines) .( Level 1)
3) Written response…..
• Provide context for the passage. “This passage is taken from the part of the book where…….. In this passage……”
• Explain the metaphor (What is being compared? What are the qualities of each that are comparable?) ( Level 2 and 3)
• Explain the effect of the metaphor. ( Level 4)

2) On Monday, we will move forward with our memoir writing process. Draft one (in full) will be due on Thursday March 19th.

English 10 Artifacts and Six Word Memoirs

A reminder that on Thursday you will be sharing the story of your artifacts ( or the story of your six word memoir). You choose.

The goal is to speak to the class fro two minutes and practice the qualities of a good presentation we discussed. Everyone who has been here this week must be ready to go  tomorrow. THose not yet back from MArch Break will do yours on Monday. Good luck. Have fun with it.

Purpose: To tell a story. The story of your memoir or the story of your artifact.
Audience: Your classmates. Talk to them.
Tone: Be yourself. Are you serious and reflective? Are you funny and
Rubric_ Speaking and Listening Situations

Monday 17th Homework

Bring in an artifact from your life that is important to you. Select something that has a story behind it. Items that cause you to think about a particular  time, person, place,  event or life lesson  will work for this assignment. Who has a teddy bear that they still hold on to? What about the boarding pass from your first plane ride? Bring in something unique to you that you can tell a story about.

Ideas: pictures, souvenirs of vacation, stuffed animals or toys, a poster,etc….  Bring something. You will be writing about it.

photo credit: Kirk Siang via photopin cc