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Book Talks May 20-23rd

2014_Book Talk
The Book Talk Assignment was introduced today. Presentations begin Tuesday May 20th.
Begin planning and making notes about the content you want to share. use the above assignment outline to guide you. The goal is to deliver a uniquely engaging talk! Rubric is being “tweaked” and will be posted shortly.


IRP #6- Theme

Watch the following mini lesson on theme. Then have a look at  the THEME ENTRY  instructions as well as the sample entry. Good Luck!

Reminder: Your portfolio is due on Thursday march 10th for a MIDPOINT Evaluation. Make sure all six entries are completed as per instructions. Each entry should have:

  • Book Title and Pages Read
  • Definition  of the concept or term
  • Anchor passage with annotation  that helps you draft the entry
  • Discussion and other details outlined on that week’s entry.


Theme Entry Instructions and Sample
( Scroll down for sample once you are in the document)

Memoir: Exploring your writer’s voice through personal story

Prewriting and Drafting:
Step 1 and 2- Writing Steps Organizer


Your next assignment is to write a memoir of no less than 600 words that explores the significance of a key person/event/moment. Here is a great sample from TEEN INK Magazine. There is a lot to be learned from this young writer.



Important Dates:
– Memoir Draft and Pre writing evidence due Thursday.