Eng 10 SNOW DAYS- Updates and Due Date Reminders

Two March snow days in a row ….wow! Given this loss of class time, I have made a few changes to my planning. Here is what you need to know:
1) Metaphor_independent novel is still due on Friday. We will read, as usual, and develop an entry on the topic of Appreciating Sensory Writing.
STEPS to Complete the Entry
1. Define the term metaphor.
2. Write out the anchor passage containing the metaphor (4-6 lines) .( Level 1)
3) Written response…..
• Provide context for the passage. “This passage is taken from the part of the book where…….. In this passage……”
• Explain the metaphor (What is being compared? What are the qualities of each that are comparable?) ( Level 2 and 3)
• Explain the effect of the metaphor. ( Level 4)

2) On Monday, we will move forward with our memoir writing process. Draft one (in full) will be due on Thursday March 19th.