The Week Ahead: March 24- 28

Reminder: Pranayama Assignment Due Thursday

Click below for a look at the upcoming week. You can see where we will be and what to expect.
Yoga 11 WALKER_ MArch 24- 28

In Class Work- Tuesday
Target: By the end of the class you will have:
– Selected your four Standing Poses
– Prepare the following written report. For each of your standing postures, you are required to give the English and Sanskrit names as well as the following information for each:
• benefits of practicing this pose
• contraindications
• The muscle groups that are strengthened or stretched in this pose
• At least one therapeutic applications (More if there are others.)
Note: A fabulous resource is

– Watched the following TED TALK on Meditation

Friday’s Practical Quiz Practical Quiz 1 Rubric (Sun Salutation & Standing postures)